Orthodontic Services

How Do You Know if You Need Orthodontic Services?

There are diagnostic tools to determine which orthodontic services and treatment are recommended. These diagnostic tools include dental health history, plaster models or 3D scans of teeth, special X-rays, and a clinical exam.
If you have any of the following conditions, you may need treatment. An overbite is when upper front teeth are sticking out over the lower teeth. An underbite is when the lower teeth are going too far forward. A crossbite is when the upper teeth don’t properly come down in front of the lower teeth and your bite is off. You may have spacing issues between the teeth because of a missing tooth or teeth that don’t fill up the mouth. Crowding can happen if the mouth is too small for the teeth to fit. If you are worried about any of these issues, it helps to see a registered specialist orthodontist or a dentist who has also got the abilty to treat orthodontic problems. 

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