Kids Dentist Near Me

What to Expect at the First Visit at Kids Dentist Near Me

If your child is visiting a kids dentist near me for the first time, there are some things you can expect.
The first appointment at a kids dentist near me will usually be short and not involve any treatment. This gives the child an opportunity to meet the dentist in a friendly way. Some dentists can ask the parent to sit in the chair and hold the child during the exam. The parent may also be asked to stay in the waiting room so the dentist can build a relationship with the child.
During the exam, the dentist will look at your kid’s existing teeth for decay, examine the bite, and look for any potential problems with their oral tissue, gums, and jaw. If needed, the dentist can clean the teeth and take a look at the need for fluoride. The dentist can also educate the parents about oral health care basics and answer any questions.

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