At True Alignment Orthodontics™ it is our goal to make orthodontic
treatment accessible to as many people as possible so that everyone
can experience the benefit of better body alignment and AIRWAYS.

Clear Aligner Classic Experience

Included in the Clear Aligner Classic Experience package:
  • Consultation and Discovery Session
  • Diagnostic treatments - 3D Mouth Scans, X-rays, photographic Images, treatment formulation and written summary
  • Full diagnosis of the jaw size, position, shape, teeth, airway assessment, facial beauty assessment and postural compensations.
  • Treatment Plan Discussion Session
  • Clear Aligner design and manufacture
  • Clear Aligner attachment fitting
  • All required follow up treatment sessions
  • Access to remote monitoring system services*
  • Retainer Sets x3 at the end of treatment
  • Three courtesy follow up checkups over the course of two years post treatment
For details on what treatment might look like and cost for your specific case please contact our Patient Care Advisor.
We tailor every treatment to the individual patient and we provide payment plans with our partners at Gilrose Finance so that you can start your journey with us quickly and easily. 

*Remote monitoring services include the provision of a scanner and access to a mobile phone app as well as weekly monitoring scans and feedback/progress reports during treatment plan.
Did you know that we provide these services also?
As well as improving your smile and your whole body alignment, we want to take care of the little things for you as well.
Below are a list of services we offer alongside our Clear Aligner Treatments.
  • Replacement of missing teeth
  • Dental full mouth examination and x-rays
  • Dental consult
  • Extractions of baby teeth (when required for treatment)
  • Fillings (when required for treatment)
  • Hygienist treatments
  • Whitening treatments
  • Retainers
  • TMJ repositioning split
  • Custom made breathing appliance
  • Laser surgery – tongue tie release, minor surgical procedure/exposure of impacted tooth
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Fri                8:00am – 5:00pm
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